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The Gas Inspectors Course is an intense two-day course covering all aspects of the gas inspections in accordance with the BCGA Code of Practice 7. It is recommended that potential inspectors have some prior knowledge of gas equipment before starting the course and a pre-reading pack sent out prior to starting the course.Read More
Truflame has partnered with Kennet Equipment Leasing to be able to offer finance options on many of high priced products.Read More
Truflame Welding Equipment is proud to annouce that we will be exhibiting at Rail Live 2019! Rail Live 2019 takes place on 19th-20th June 2019 at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre in Warwickshire.Read More
This week Truflame had the pleasure of demoing the SpeedPulse XT by german welding equipment manufacturer Lorch The machine showcased during the demo was the Speedpulse XT S3 Mobile unit. Offering improved handling, higher quality, and very low levels of spatter, reducing the amount of necessary rework to an absolute minimumRead More
This month it’s #NationalWeldingMonth and we want to reflect on an industry that has had a huge impact on our daily life. Welding has helped the econemy to boom and welding will continue to grow as new technologies arise.  Read More
On Wednesday 21st March, our team were visited by German welding equipment manufacturer Lorch. During the day they showcased some of their latest products to the team.Read More
Following the statement from HSE ( Health and Safety Executive) strengthening enforcement expectation for all welding fume, all businesses should ensure effective controls are put in place to correctly control fume from welding applications including mild steel welding fume.Read More
US based water soluble and purging product manufacturer Aquasol has today announced that engineering and construction company, Bechtel has elected to use Aquasol's well known I-Purge inflatable purge bladders for their work on the Shell Petrochemical Complex in Pennsylvania, US. This state of the art facility will be constructed along the banks of the Ohio River in Pennsylvania and will include an ethane cracker, multiple polyethylene derivative units and a gas-fired combined cycle generation unit.Read More
Recently our team has been in Poland visitng Lifton Polska giving live demos of the Rapid Rail Saw.Read More
The main difference between MIG and TIG welding is that MIG uses a continuous wire electrode feeding wire through a welding gun, whereas TIG welding uses long welding rods that have to be held separately to slowly feed them into the weld puddle. A weld puddle refers to a small sized workable portion of a weld where the base metal has reached its melting point and is ready to be infused with filler material. The weld pool is central to the success of the welding process.Read More
Truflame is proud to announce the launch of a new brand - Tru Hire! Under the Tru Hire brand, customers will able to hire welding equipment for as little as £50.00 a week!Read More
Optrel, one of the top manufacturers of welding helmets have introduced their new Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet, with Crystal 2.0 Lens Technology. Early reviews of the Crystal 2.0 have been extremely positive, it seems this new welding helmet is set to take the industry by storm.Read More
The UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has today announced that it will no longer permit welding to be carried out without suitable fume control measures in place. Fume control measures will include adequate ventilation and suitable Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), depending on the nature of the activity.Read More
Truflame is proud to annouce that we have partnered with Steel Blue Boots. Steel Blue was first established in 1995. They not only supply, but also manufacture a wide range of premium safety footwear.Read More
On Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th of October. The Truflame Team were invited to the ESAB offices in Chorley. During the day the team were shown some new products and recieved training on the existing products in order to better understand the uses for each productsRead More
Truflame Welding Equipment was established in 1968. Owned and operated by Steve Gavins, a hair dresser born and raised in Sheffield. Truflame has called Sheffield home for more than 50 years, 18 of which, the business has been operating out of a purpose-built unit on Newhall Road. Originally started as a gas service and repair business in the late 1960's Truflame quickly grew into one of South Yorkshire's most recognisable and established businesses.Read More
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